New EP ALIGNMENT is out !

Alignment is our third official release and our very first EP. The EP contains four new songs.

01. Along the Milky Way
02. Evernight
03. Sunrider’s Odyssey
04. When Stars are Aligned

Videos of “Along the Milky Way” was released on Nov 3rd 2017 and “Evernight” was released on April 4th 2018. Both are available on Youtube, on Celestial Voyager’s channel.

Celestial Voyager debut album has got great reviews

“I have never heard an album which was so melodic, that I didn’t miss the vocals at all. It’s unbelievable but true.” — Background Magazine (Netherlands)
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“For an album of this style, 100% instrumental, it is strong. It is clean, superbly produced, with an “American” sound… Frankly if you like Boston, Libra, Gary Moore… you can go there with eyes closed and ears wide open, it is a delight to listen.” — Koid’9 (France)
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“Compactly arranged ensemble rock that takes few chances, a great mood-setter for that breezy/sunny summer road trip you’re looking forward to.” — Progression Magazine (US)
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